Amalia Reichelt

Online MSc.Clinical Psychologist 

My areas of work


The spectrum

A broad spectrum of online counseling on social, emotional and behavioral issues: 

  • Problematic relationships, familial conflicts
  • Life crisis: divorce, separation
  • Dissatisfaction at work and career development
  • Immigration and adaptation challenges
  • Emotions management and healthy management of everyday life stressors 
  • Psychosomatic practices


Helping people better understand their conditions is an essential step in improving the mental state of the ones in need or for their families, friends and care-takers. We work together on: 

  • Identifying internal resources.
  • Transforming dysfunctional behavioral patterns into healthy coping mechanism.
  • Understand yourself better and what drives a certain response.


I dedicated my research mainly to the MIGRATION topic. My assignments covered topics such as cultural shock and acculturation strategies,  culture's role in building resilience towards migrants,  drivers of different attitudes towards refugees based don their origin, or the mental health difficulties immigrants face in the host country.

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