Emily Lin, Taiwan

As a perfectionist and an introvert, I have been struggling with tremendous stress and frustration in life and at work. With Amalia's counseling and guidance, I get to know myself on a deeper level and experience personal growth gradually. Having knowledge in both business area and psychology, Amalia can not only understand different challenges I faced, but also provides practical suggestions from various prospects."

Johnny, Canada

Amalia is extremely caring with her clients and she is genuinely wanting to help. Amalia is understanding and enlightening. Gives you the "aha" moment when it comes to rationalizing your behavior. She is an empathic and good professional who is on top of the things. I would recommend Amalia to everyone.

Michelle, USA

Amalia's insight, support, and guidance has greatly helped me in being more introspective throughout my struggles of losing a relationship and navigating being alone, during a pandemic in an isolated environment and situation. Our sessions greatly helped me in looking at my life in a positive manner and helped me in rebuilding my self-confidence and self-esteem. Validation of my thoughts and feelings throughout this difficult time period for me is still challenging, but speaking regularly with Amalia has brought me to become more self-assured and less self critical.

Kate, USA

I can confidently say my sessions with Amalia have been transformative. I feel like she truly understands me and listens with an empathetic ear. Every time we talk, she challenges me to go deeper into my triggers and perspectives and always makes (or rather helps me make) insightful connections about things that I had never even considered before. She has been my one constant and trusted confidant, validating my feelings when I needed it and pushing me to think outside of the box when I am stuck in a thought or behavior pattern that no longer serves me. Long story short: 11/10 recommend. Thank you, Amalia :)

Jasmine, Egypt

I can't express enough how much it was the right decision to look for professional help and specific to go to Amalia. She was the right person for me. She is a very smart and at the same time caring professional. Through the sessions with Amalia I overcame lots of issues, that were overlapped and which I carried with me since long time. At the end, I could find my peace, a clear mind that would make me able to have space for new events and people and even working on a new mindset..

Alexander, Germany

I cannot express enough gratitude for the profound impact Amalia has had on my life. Over the past year and a half, during some of my darkest moments when life seemed unbearable and incomprehensible, Amalia was more than a psychologist; she was a guiding light. Her unparalleled empathy, deep understanding, and practical guidance helped me navigate through tumultuous times. Each session with her not only brought clarity and peace but also equipped me with the tools I needed to face my struggles head-on. I am eternally grateful for her support, patience, and unwavering dedication. Thank you, Amalia, for helping me see the light in the darkest times. You have truly changed my life.

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